Top Ten Facebook Page Promotion Tips

Facebook page is an asset: if people like your business, it’s likely because it offers high-quality products and services. People are engaged with your business by Facebook page. Page likes also function as social proof. Here is a list of top 10 tips that can increase likes on your Facebook Page.

1. Use Strong Images Regularly; Strong Images is very helpful

Use strong images that are interesting, professional, crisp, and relevant to your product and services. Such as, if you sell home appliances, make sure you include the items you sell in the image, make the images look professional, and portray the items in a captivating way by, for example, instructing the model using your product to pose in a way that makes the product appealing.

You should include relevant images to all of your Facebook page posts because people are more attracted to images, which are more effective than plain text. The more posts create attractively, the more likely you’ll receive page likes.

2. Connect with Other Pages:

You should follow pages with niches similar to yours. For example, if you’re a Freelancer, engage with other Freelancing pages by liking and commenting on their posts through your Facebook page account. But be careful not to leave irrelevant comments that may be misread as spam, such as commenting with an overflow of hashtags/links or any illegal issues.

Engaging with other pages focus your exposure, as well as communicates to Facebook what your page is all about, making Facebook more likely to suggest your page to users who already follow pages similar to yours.

3. Add a “Like” Button on Your Website

Customers who visit your website are a great audience to target for Facebook page likes, as they are already interested in your business type. By installing the Like Button plugin to your website, users can browse your products or reading your blogs can easily and non-intrusively like your page.

4. Give Your Audience Something Personal

Obviously, no one wants to treat his/her business page like he would his/her personal profile. However, throw in a post now and then to let your audience know there is a relatable person behind your business. By adding a personal touch to your page, users will see you more as another interesting friend on Facebook, rather than a business just trying to advertise.

5. Completely Fill in the About Section

Completely means putting all the information in there: the link to your website, your business address, the year your company was founded—all of it. This may feel like a slower, less proactive way to attain likes, but it does help because it establishes credibility.

6. Make Your Profile and Cover Photos Count

Use professional photos that fully communicate your brand. Because these are the first things users see when they visit your page, it’s important to make a great first impression. Think of them like you would a sign for a brick-and-mortar store.

7. Embed Posts on Your Website or Blog

Copy and paste code for one of your highly reached Facebook posts into the backend of your website or blog. That way, visitors will come to your site, see it and can simply click on it to view and (hopefully) like your page.

8. Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to engage with users is through video. Make high-quality videos that show your product or tell a story about your brand. Use colorful and compelling footage and informative text overlay to draw viewers in. Do something unique that will leave your viewers wanting more, as well as encourage them to like your page.

If you need more help creating Facebook ads, you can read this post about the four tips for creating great Facebook video ads.

9. List the Page You Manage on Your Personal Profile

On your personal profile, under “Intro,” you can add links to Facebook pages you manage. This means friends can click on the links and visit your page, increasing your chances of gaining more like. As a result, friends of your friends will see that they liked your page and will be inspired to do the same.

10. Write Stellar Copy

As simple as it may sound, writing a compelling post that also clearly and succinctly conveys your message in a way that attracts followers is challenging. You don’t want to write too much or too little, and you want to write without any grammatical errors, as this harms your credibility.

The better you write, the more likely you are to attract users and, subsequently, more likes.

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